Unique and captivating designs tailored to the personality of each location. Every Christmas project is a fusion of creativity and functionality

We specialise in creating enchanting Christmas experiences that go beyond traditional lighting displays. Our passion is to illuminate city and town centres, squares, public spaces and parks with the magic of the Christmas. From stunning lamp post and across street motifs to eye-catching light sculptures and even outdoor tree lighting, our bespoke creations redefine the festive landscape.

// Christmas Projects & Light Installations

City and Town Centre Christmas Lighting and Decoration

Tailored Designs, Unique Approach
Our team crafts unique and captivating designs tailored to the personality of each location. Every project is a fusion of creativity and functionality, ensuring a distinctive and timeless Christmas ambiance.

Full-Service Expertise and Project Management
From concept to reality, we offer end-to-end services. Our team handles everything, from designing your Christmas lighting project to manufacturing bespoke products, expert installation, and secure storage between seasons.

Attract Visitors, Increase Dwell Time and Boost Consumer Spend
By attracting more visitors you will experience increased foot traffic, dwell time and customer engagement. The enchanting atmosphere encourages people to explore the shops, boutiques, and restaurants, ultimately leading to higher sales increased revenue.

Outdoor Tree Lighting and Decoration
Add a touch of magic to town and city centre streets, parks and public areas with our beautiful tree string lights and tree hanging motifs. Whether it’s part of your Christmas lights or a summer evening, our decorative lighting adds a touch of magic and elegance that lasts throughout the year.

Weather Resistant and Durable
Our lighting products are designed to withstand ever changing weather. Rain or shine (or snow) our lighting products are built to last and maintain their beauty throughout. This durability ensures that your investment in MK Illumination lighting will provide a long-lasting and reliable lighting experience.

City Centre Christmas Lights Project by MK Illumination

Enhance the Aesthetic of Public Spaces

Our design-driven Christmas displays complement city and town centre squares, streets and parks creating a festive ambiance that resonates with the vibrancy of urban life. Discover the difference between decoration and transformation.

London Sloane Square Christmas lights by MK Illumination

High Street Christmas Lighting

Redefine the festive retail landscape at Christmas with beautiful and captivating Christmas lighting. High lighting shops and restaurants to encourage more footfall, traffic, consumer spend and dwell time.

Bolton Town Centre Christmas Lights by MK Illumination

Attract Visitors, Increase Dwell Time and Boost Consumer Spend

Our Christmas lights are proven to drive footfall and increase consumer spend. City centers and town squares adorned with our creations become irresistible hubs, attracting visitors to shops, restaurants, and local businesses.

Sloane Street London High Street Christmas Lighting by MK Illumination

Social Media Appeal

Eye-catching Christmas lighting is highly shareable on social media platforms, encouraging visitors to take photos and share their experiences, helping to promote your destination and attract even more visitors.

Manchester Christmas Lights by MK Illumination

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View our new 2023/24 MK Illumination Look Book and view images of our Christmas projects around the UK. Let us bring your vision to life.

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