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Many companies now are adopting ways to become more sustainable. Here at MK Illumination, sustainability is not just a buzzword – it is the driving force behind everything we do, as we pave the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future. We are committed to pushing sustainability to the forefront of our operations and producing low energy, long-lasting, high quality sustainable lighting solutions for our customers.

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Long-life products lead to lower CO2 emissions

We have the longest-lasting products on the market, as confirmed once again by sustainability consultants Denkstatt. This saves resources because the highest CO2 emissions occur in production. We source a considerable part of the energy for this from clean sources.

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Energy Reducing LEDs with Longer Lasting Luminosity

Our Premium ECO String Lights consume 50% less energy than standard LED Light Strings. We use our String lights in all our Christmas Lighting and Displays meaning our products will save energy and reduce your costs. Additionally, tests indicate that compared with conventional LEDs, the Premium LED shows minimal loss of luminance.

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Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Lighting

Local And Regional Focus
We believe that we have a role to play in creating secure jobs and contributing to the vitality of the regions in which we work. With that in mind, we actively partner with regional suppliers to make a positive difference in the area.

Organic Material
MK’s Organic Collection features products made of a bio-material; 40% wood and 60% polypropylene and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. The wood used for the motifs comes exclusively from PEFC-certified forestry operations. Our Organic motifs are designed to last for many years without losing their visual appeal. Longevity means that you can use our Organic products for longer, which means reduced energy and resource needs.

Buy Smart Model
BUY SMART from MK Illumination….more safety and higher quality for decorative lighting. We base our BUY SMART model on four criteria’s: Safety, legality, efficiency and sustainability. Lighting products and motifs that are absolutely safe, legal and efficient and which are in accordance with our sustainability philosophy.

Our very own MK developed Extendable light chain. When decorating outdoor trees and branches many overlook the fact that the tree is still growing. The special chain lights, STRING LITE® 90, are fitted with built-in breaking points, which release additional cable and reduce the risk of a cable break significantly. The STRING LITE® 90 has a maximum extensibility of 25% and can therefore “grow” by an additional ¼ of its original length.

IP67 Rating
IP67 rating means the device is dust-tight as well as protected against water ingress to a maximum depth of 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes. This means our light strings are more durable and can withstand the ever changing UK weather.

Environmentally friendly packaging
We print on unbleached paper and never use colours that are harmful to the environment. Every item of packaging features the Original Quality Seal. We also ensure that every MK product is packaged and delivered in the optimal packaging size to reduce unnecessary waste and improve transportation.

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