Experience the Magic of our Light Tunnels and Ceiling of Lights perfect for public parks, light trails, shopping centres and retail spaces

We have a wide variety of Light Tunnels with different light colours and effects. We can also offer tailor made solutions; fitting our lights to your space and walkways. Each tunnel is adorned with meticulously placed lights that create a captivating, soft glow. Perfect for Christmas events, weddings, outdoor events and more. Customizable and tailored to match specific colours and themes.

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Light Tunnels & Ceiling of Lights

Luminous Walkways and Paths
Guide your way through the night with our illuminated walkways and paths. Whether you’re strolling through a public park, exploring a light trail, or enhancing your retail space, these captivating LED string lights create a magical ambiance that captivates all who pass through.

Looking to create stunning Christmas lights and displays without breaking the bank? Our light tunnels and ceiling of lights offer an affordable yet visually stunning solution. You can transform any space into a festive wonderland that delights shoppers and customers, all while staying within your budget.

Eye-Catching All Year Round Appeal
These versatile lighting solutions are designed to capture attention and add charm to any setting. Whether you’re decorating for Christmas or creating a year-round attraction, our light tunnels and light ceilings are sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Immersive and Memorable
Both the light tunnels and ceiling of lights from MK Illumination have a reputation for creating memorable and immersive experiences. These installations not only enhance the visual appeal of spaces but also evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on visitors and attendees.

Indoor and Outdoor Use
Our commercial Christmas lighting products are versatile, built to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. Whether you’re enhancing your storefront, interior space, or city streets, our products are designed for durability and performance

ceiling of lights and light tunnel

Light Tunnels and Tunnel of Lights

MK Illumination’s light tunnels are known for their elegance and the ambiance they create. They consist of a series of suspended or arched lights that form a tunnel-like structure. These tunnels are often used to guide visitors through an enchanting journey of light, whether it’s in shopping centres, public squares, or special events. Customizable and tailored to match specific colours and themes.

light tunnel

Ceiling of Lights

A ceiling of lights from MK Illumination is like a starry night brought indoors or outdoors. These installations feature an array of suspended lights that create a breath-taking canopy of illumination like a starry twinkly sky.

Bolton Town Centre Christmas Lights by MK Illumination

Need Inspiration? Download the MK Illumination Look Book 2024

View our new 2023/24 MK Illumination Look Book and view images of our Christmas projects around the UK. Let us bring your vision to life.

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