Lighting is transformative, sets the scene and creates mood. Enhance the customer experience with beautiful illumination

We have a large and innovative range of outdoor and indoor lighting. Light strings and chains are versatile and can be used for street lighting, wrapping trees or to transform the façade of a building. Bring your business or public space to life with beautiful, eye catching, lighting guaranteed to grab the attention of your visitors or customers.

String and Magic Lite

One of our most versatile products, they can adorn trees, building facades or be used to create a stunning ceiling of light or light tunnel. Available in a wide variety of cable lengths, LED colours and for both indoor and outdoor use.

tunnel lights string lights

Drape & Curtain Lighting

Available in a variety of drop lengths, MK drape lites are easily wrapped around columns, used in window displays and create a beautiful cascade of light.

drape curtain lights cascade of lights

Festoon Lighting

A year-round lighting solution. Available for outdoor and indoor use and with a wide range of bulb colours. Transform a pub garden or public space into a cosy and welcoming environment.

festoon outdoor lighting

Ice Lite

A festive favourite, they give an icy, frozen appearance to rooftops and windows. If you want subtle, elegant Christmas twinkle, these lights are a magical solution.

icicle lights across street with star light motifs

Mesh Lighting

Used for shrubbery, low voltage mesh is available in two sizes. It is visually pleasing and widely used in gardens and outdoor spaces

mesh lights lights for shrubbery

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